iGEO, at the forefront of the sector's technology

iGEO ERP is at the forefront of the sector’s technology to incorporate new working systems and help with all your business processes. Our investment in RDI increases each year to turn iGEO into the most powerful, innovative management software in pest control.

Discover the latest technology we are bringing into the sector, such as smart traps, Artificial Intelligence to generate the most optimised routes for technicians, heat maps, and many other innovations.

For any business to grow, it is essential to allocate a lot of time and talent. However, another crucial pillar is working with the latest technology.

Due to the latest global events (COVID-19), the sector is expected to grow by more than 8 % in the next years. That’s why those pest control companies working with the latest technology will be able to absorb that growth.

In iGEO, we count on a RDI department charged with analysing the most innovative technology and adapting them to pest control within iGEO ERP Cloud Platform.

Recently, we presented our latest technological project: an engine with Artificial Intelligence trained to identify the different rodent species based on a picture or video. This project has been endorsed by the European Union.

Route calculation with Artificial Intelligence

Nobody has aimed as high as iGEO in this sector. For the first time in history, we are providing the pest control sector with Artificial Intelligence. That’s because we know first-hand the difficulties and the time invested by companies to plan their technicians’ routes. Thanks to this knowledge, we have implemented a Route Optimiser aimed at obtaining the most optimised trips for each technician in a matter of seconds. Indeed, this Artificial Intelligence will always consider different parameters, such as the following:

  •  Hours authorised by the customer.
  • Days authorised by the customer.
  • Technician’s schedules.
  • Point of departure and return of the technician on a given day.
  • Technician’s lunchtime.
  • Customer’s business area.
  • Traffic (based on Google Maps’ history).
  • Services already confirmed by the customer.
  • And, of course, travel time between services.

A properly optimised route facilitates addressing daily changes and unforeseen events (alerts, emergencies, etc.).

Smart traps implemented in iGEO

Now you may install smart traps in your customers’ premises and connect them to iGEO. Therefore, when one of them detects the presence of any rodent, it will send an alert to iGEO, which you may manage in your own office.

Moreover, you will have the possibility to use any smart device in the market, given our system is fully prepared to adapt to all kinds of them.

Interactive heat maps of customers

Increase your control over the evolution of any pest’s infestation degree in your customer’s premises, as well as its trend.

With a single click, you will be able to generate a customised dynamic heat map, which will allow you to analyse different scenarios.

You may create these heat maps based on a specific date range, so that you can analyse the evolution of the pest on that specific time period.

If, on the other hand, you want to know the activity of a specific service, you will only need to select the work order, and the heat map will display it using different colours.

Remember that this heat map may be generated based on its purpose (bait or captures).
Furthermore, you may calibrate the activity area and print the premises’ blueprint with the heat map on it.

On the Customer Portal, your customers will generate their customised heat maps.
You will no longer need to focus on the hundreds of requests coming from your customers, given they will have the option to create their own heat maps.

Cost calculator for sales quotes

iGEO’s Quote Calculator is a feature that will simplify your work while maximising the amount of quotes generated. The purpose of this calculator is that you save time and money with the greatest control and reliability when calculating quote costs. This calculator will allow you to increase your profitability and to adjust the margin of costs before signing a quote with a customer. There are multiple kinds of costs that may be entered in this calculator, such as:

  • Number of technicians performing the service.
  • Technician’s schedule (including special hours).
  • Products, materials, and devices installed.
  • PPEs.
  • And many more.

Accelerate your business management and increase your quotes’ profitability.

Learn more about the RDI projects implemented in iGEO

We invite you to take a look at the projects implemented in iGEO with the market’s state-of-the-art technology. Regardless of your company’s size and number of employees, working with these advanced features will allow you to reduce your costs and maximise your profits. Do not hesitate, and hire the sector’s leading software!