Speed up your technicians' work easily to save them time

Each technician will have access to their own Technician Portal, where they may organise and complete all their jobs in real time on their phone or tablet.

In an easy and intuitive way, they will access their work order and fill in the service certificate, where they may officially manage the premises’ blueprints, control points, situation diagnoses, detected deficiencies, corrective measures, and much more information.

Upon the service’s completion, the technician will collect the customer’s signature and will send them the service certificate or report.

All the information will be recorded in real time. The Technical Manager will be able to review an validate the service certificate to email it to the customer.

As time goes by, technicians will save a lot of time on the performance of services and regular procedures, and their productivity, as well as the office clerks’, will increase.

Portal Técnico

Offline mode of our pest control APP to continue working with no phone reception

If technicians need to work in places where there is no phone reception, they may do so thanks to the OFFLINE mode. They will activate it with a single click and, when they return outdoors and their device gets reception back, they may continue working without pausing their service.