Functionality or Improvement Suggestion in iGEO


Please indicate here the functionality or improvement suggestion you would like to make in iGEO. Although we now collect these suggestion requests in this manner and not via telephone, our way of working will not be affected. All requests will be heard and evaluated by our analysis and development team. If approved, they will be included in our development roadmap and will be made available in iGEO when the time comes. The priority for development will be determined by several factors:
  1. The number of companies that have requested the same suggestion.
  2. The utility for the sector or other companies.
  3. If there is any existing functionality in iGEO that provides a way to achieve the suggestion’s goal.
  4. Please provide a clear and detailed explanation of the suggestion. A well-explained suggestion facilitates understanding and analysis.
Remember that if you have requested or are requesting multiple suggestions, balance their priorities. Not everything can be priority 10 (maximum priority).

If this development or suggestion is crucial for your company and you would like to incorporate it into the iGEO functionalities, you can choose to expedite the development and bypass our roadmap, placing the development at the top positions. Of course, this comes with an additional cost, which we can provide for your consideration.
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