iGEO, total control of your company from a single platform

The iGEO Office Portal is the central hub of our software. From here, you will have all the tools to control every aspect of your pest control company, allowing you to save time and be much more efficient in all of your tasks.

One of the keys to optimizing work time is that everything in iGEO is interconnected, especially among the 3 portals (Office, Technician, and Client), making access to all information truly quick and straightforward.

Never before has having control over your commercial portfolio been so simple

On the commercial front, when accessing each client’s profile, you’ll be able to monitor completed services, those that are pending, understand specific contracts and budgets for that client, visualize and create customized reports, and quickly and easily obtain trend graphs.

All of this is supported by a KANBAN method that allows you to visually track the status of each budget and lead, ultimately helping you increase your sales.

plataforma iGEO en diferentes dispositivos

Invest time in the most important tasks, iGEO takes care of the rest for you

Time-saving is one of the most relevant aspects of iGEO.

That’s why route planning with Artificial Intelligence is one of the most crucial features for pest control companies. iGEO provides you with the most optimized route for each of your technicians, taking into account various configurable parameters (customer schedule, technician’s work hours, service business line, commercial areas, traffic, and travel, etc.).

Even from the Alerts module, you will receive notifications if a smart device has taken a photo or video of a pest in a customer’s facility. This way, you’ll save unnecessary visits, avoid unnecessary expenses, and make your visits to truly profitable services more cost-effective.

Automating processes is the only way to optimize your company’s resources, and that’s why iGEO is the leading pest control software in the industry.

iGEO is the platform that unifies all the stakeholders in the industry

Having direct contact with the industry’s leading suppliers is essential for complete and effective work traceability. Being able to access the official product catalog directly from iGEO, with all the information and product sheets, is crucial. As a pest control software, it is mandatory to provide this tool to our clients.

At the same time, you will have control over your company’s stock, and you can review the automatic material inflow and outflow, and obtain both the LOMB and RETO with a single click, without having to spend extra time.

iGEO’s office portal is much more than just a platform where different modules are unified; it is the interconnection of all the tools in our software and the place where you will optimize all your resources, your workflow, and save time and money.