A planning to manage daily routes

Plan and check the services of each of your technicians in a quick, simple way.

You may plan your technicians’ routes manually or automatically through an Artificial Intelligence (AI), which will generate the most optimised ones in a matter of seconds.

TECHNOLOGY has arrived to the pest control sector. Leave spending so many hours planning routes manually behind.

Remember that iGEO is a Google partner, so we will allow you to view assigned routes directly on Google Maps and to make changes instantly and in real time.

You will be able to assign events or tasks to the schedules of technicians or any other employees of the company.

Planning de Rutas con IA - Control de Plagas

Predefined, automatic routes

If you want to generate a predefined route including multiple fixed visits to different customers, iGEO will give you the possibility to create and schedule it automatically, so that it is repeated throughout the whole year.

Thus, you will be able to stop worrying about scheduling these visits to focus on structuring the remaining services.

More on planning
PLANNING – Service Reports

Customised service reports

Get reports and compare them to obtain
the exact profitability of your contracts
and services

Analyse the time devoted to each service in detail, and compare it to the planned duration.

You may focus on one of your employees to obtain the time deviation between the planned length and the real duration.
You may also filter the results by a specific customer so as to get the time spent on their premises.

Thanks to this information, you will be able to compare the visits performed by a technician or to a customer, and conclude whether they were profitable.

PLANNING – Service Reports

Generate customised service reports

Moreover, you will have the possibility to get a complete report on the different work orders of one or more technicians. Hence, you will be able to modify or assess different global aspects at a glance.

Export or print this report to always have it at hand.

PLANNING – Smart Routes

Smart Routes

Thanks to the Route Optimiser with Artificial Intelligence, you will get the perfect route in a matter of seconds

Improve your technicians’ planning thanks to smart routes.

Our smart route generator will allow you to optimise each of the routes assigned to your technicians. For that purpose, you will only need to filter different services, assign them to one of your employees, and click on the Route Optimiser.

Thus, and thanks to the Artificial Intelligence developed alongside Google, iGEO will consider different parameters, such as traffic at a given time, customer’s opening hours, technician’s workday, and other details that you may provide. In this way, you will obtain the most optimised route possible.

PLANNING – Smart Routes

Manage all unforeseen events in a quick, efficient way

Even if a route is optimised, an unforeseen event may arise and alter it. However, that will no longer be a problem, since you will be able to view the trips of each technician on the map and schedule this alert in an optimal way.

Scheduling and planning technicians’ routes will no longer be a hindrance thanks to iGEO’s smart routes.