Invoicing, remittances, collections, and export to accounting

Manage all the billing of your company in an easy, fast way on the invoicing module. Access a list of invoices and receipts quickly, and monitor the issue and submission of each of them.

You will be able to manage and perform follow-ups on your collections to customers. You will also have the option to generate remittances and get the SEPA file to upload it to your bank.

Electronic invoicing is available to accelerate the submission of invoices to the administration. All may be exported to your accounting software thanks to the different file formats available in iGEO, which you may get with a single click.

Facturación y Cobros

Specific reports

Invoicing is one of the business’s main pillars, that’s why in iGEO we strive to create different kinds of reports on billing and productivity of services, technicians, and customers.

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INVOICING – Advanced Invoicing Reports

Advanced invoicing reports

Control your company's invoicing completely thanks to advanced reports

Calculate the productivity of the services performed both by a specific technician or by timeslots. For that purpose, different parameters will be taken into account, such as the technician’s cost per hour and the vehicle’s cost per kilometre.

Create your own sales reports, where you may measure and monitor the performance of the sales outreach operations from a specific period of time.

INVOICING – Advanced Invoicing Reports

Productivity reports

Calculate the productivity of specific contracts, performed services, technicians, or date ranges.

In addition, you may filter the results by work order status in order to obtain the productivity of an operation already executed or the estimate of a job not yet performed.

INVOICING – Creating and Submitting Remittances

Creating and submitting remittances

Submit bank remittances and manage
their receipts directly

Create bank remittances and add the receipts of your choice to them. Afterwards, you will only need to obtain the SEPA file, which you will upload to your banking entity on its own platform.

INVOICING – Creating and Submitting Remittances

Review remittances

You will be able to review both open and closed remittances at any time and at a glance.

Moreover, the remittance table will display the date in which they were closed, as well as the number of receipts in them.

INVOICING – Exporting Invoices and Receipts

Exporting invoices and receipts

Select the type of file needed by your accounting software

Export all invoices and receipts with a single click. You may select different kinds of filters in order to obtain a precise, detailed list to be exported.

Among these filters, you will find invoicing series, invoice type, issue date, amounts, and customers.

Types of export files

Choose the type of file to export the invoices and receipts selected.

In iGEO, we will provide you with all the tools needed to export invoices and receipts in almost any format. We are aware of the vast array of accounting programmes, but that is not an issue for us, since we have developed multiple export file types.