Enter all your company's expenses (payslips, fines, taxes, etc.)

In iGEO, you may obtain a complete, specific expense table to monitor your company’s expenditure.

On the Expenditure module, you will find different objects, such as employee payslips, fines, taxes to be paid throughout the year, and the cost per hour of each of your technicians.

Afterwards, and considering all the objects needed, you may calculate the productivity of contracts and performed services.

Contola los gastos de tu empresa de control de plagas

Monitor all your expenses in full

Monitor all of these expenses completely thanks to the expenditure dashboard. There, you may indicate the ones that have been paid, their issue date, and other specific details necessary to exert full control over your company’s expenditure.

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EXPENDITURE – Productivity Calculations

Productivity calculations

Calculating your services' productivity
and profitability is essential

Obtain the productivity of each of the contracts and services performed.

For that matter, you will be able to assign the cost per hour of each technician, the cost per kilometre of each vehicle, and other expenses deemed crucial (trips, materials, or other customised objects).

EXPENDITURE – Productivity Calculations iGEO

Calculate your productivity

Thus, you will obtain both the productivity and the profitability of the contract and service performed, as well as a detailed summary of the costs and the profit margin.