Manage your customers, quotes, contracts, and much more in our specialised CRM

In iGEO, you will have access to each of your customer’s documents. You may customise and email these to them.

In addition, each time you create a document, it may be automatically saved, so that your customers may sign it on the Customer Portal.


Create and customise all you company's documentation

Manage the complete sales process on the CRM module.

On the follow-up dashboard, you will be able to detect at a glance the customers to contact, as well as to review quotes previously sent.

Each sales representative will get a list of the customers managed by them in order to make a business visit or to schedule it on their own diary.

The whole process will be accelerated, as well as the management of contract renewals, quotes, and sales to each customer.

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CRM – Contracts

Create and manage all your contracts

Keep all your contracts, as well as their invoices and work orders, up to date

In iGEO, you will be able to manage all your contracts by line of business.

All contracts will give you the option to generate an initial situation diagnosis, trend charts and reports ; to create an action plan and assessment reports ; and, of course, to manage and schedule all services, as well as the issue and collection of invoices. This is all a pest control company needs.

iGEO has truly interesting features to renew contracts, which will allow you to carry out a monthly follow-up. These include renewal letters, mass renewal of contracts, CPI increases, specific alerts, etc.

CRM Contracts iGEO

Commission management

In iGEO, you may create commissions within a contract, either manually or automatically. In addition, you will be able to set up a commission type per sales representative.

You will obtain a list will all commissions, paid and pending payment. These may be linked to a contract, sale, or even to an invoice payment.

CRM – Customers

Control all your customers' business management in a single software

Manage your customers, commissions, contracts, and sales easily

In iGEO, we know how important it is for a company to be able to control and access quickly each customer profile.

On the CRM module, you will set up your business strategy in full. In addition, you will be able to monitor all follow-ups carried out to each of your customers, in order to schedule any necessary business visits.

At the same time, you will be able to monitor all quotes, contracts, and sales sent in order to perform a comprehensive follow-up of each of them.

Take Control of the total spend of the company

Create, send and store all your documents
in real time

All documentation will be centralised and organised. This will allow you to create quotes, sales, and contracts in a fast and customised manner, and to send them to each customer right away.

Moreover, if the sales representative themself is visiting a customer, they may collect their signature at that moment.

You will experience a real-time control regarding your customers as never before.

CRM – Delivery notes

Delivery notes of sold materials

In iGEO, you will be able to create material or product sales, as well as to generate their corresponding invoices and delivery notes, so that customers sign them once they are delivered.

This delivery note will be attached to the sales sheet so that it is always accessible, and it may be printed or attached to a work order for the customer to sign it on the technician’s portable device after the delivery. Afterwards, they may sign the service certificate, too.

CRM Deliveries Pest Control

Delivery note list

In iGEO, you will have access to a list containing all delivery notes pending signature and signed. In addition, you will view all materials to be sent by a carrier or delivered to your customers.

CRM – Quotes

Create, send and perform follow-ups

Seize the control of your business and make proper decisions straight away

Design and customise your quotes, to which you may even add independent pieces or any other alternative documents of your choice (cover, dossier, offers, terms, etc.) so that they are merged in a single PDF.

Afterwards, email them to your customers, or even get them signed on their own devices or on the Customer Portal.

CRM Invoices iGEO

Follow-ups in real time

If you are awaiting an answer by a customer, thanks to our quote follow-up menu and to its statuses (‘accepted’, ‘pending’, ‘rejected’, etc.), you may manage the situation in a quick and easy way.

Furthermore, you will be able to send a follow-up email to the customer in iGEO, and the process will be recorded on our note dashboard.

CRM – Sales Commissions

Manage sales commissions and get advanced reports

Manage completely all commissions created, linked either to contracts or directly to invoices. You will even be able to set up their execution by default, if needed.

When renewing contracts, the whole commission system will remain in force for you to set it up.

CRM Sales Commisions iGEO

Detailed control of commissions

On the CRM module, you will access all created commissions. Furthermore, you will be able to generate a commission agent list, where you may assign commissions by default.

You will also get all overdue commissions, as well as a complete report that may be exported to Excel.

CRM – Situation Diagnoses

Fill in and customise the situation diagnosis by generating an action plan and calendar

Generate your situation diagnoses easily, where you may include all deficiencies and corrective measures of your customer’s premises and, even, take and add pictures, if needed.

The situation diagnosis complies with the EN 16636 European standard, and it is so complete that it will allow you to work under its provisions.

Based on a situation diagnosis, you may generate an action plan, along with its intervention calendar, where all services to be performed and, optionally, their execution dates will be shown.

CRM Diagnostics iGEO

Assessment reports

Upon a contract’s end, you will have the option to generate an assessment report for your customer. Based on it, you will be able to elucidate whether it is necessary to increase the amount of services upon renewal, or whether the pest control plan is being effective.

The assessment report, as well as the situation diagnosis and the action plan, will be available automatically on their Customer Portal.

CRM – Venues

Monitor service premises completely

Venues (service addresses) with their own data sheet

Create one or multiple venues (service addresses) for each of your customers.

On the sheet of each venue, you will be able to enter different details, such as the address and the dates and times authorised to perform services.

You may also enter all the contact people and premises’ areas, as well as upload blueprints as an image or as a Google Maps’ file.

All documentation will be centralised and organised. This will allow you to create quotes, sales, and contracts in a customised and quick way, and send them to each customer straight away.

CRM Venues iGeo

Venues' blueprints and control points

Create blueprints and control points in each venue.

Create areas in each venue and assign control points to them so as to generate trend charts by area afterwards.

You may generate capture or consumption control points and indicate their safety and critical thresholds.