Adapt iGEO to the real needs of your company thanks to our additional modules

iGEO is a software used by more than 800 companies around the world, but not all work on the same lines of business. That’s why you will have the option to hire additional modules. These are devoted to offering features and features specific to different lines of business.

Additional Modules - iGEO ERP

Complement iGEO with our additional modules

iGEO’s main additional modules are the following:

  • Advanced Legionella
  • Business Intelligence
  • Electronic invoicing
  • HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points)
  • Lab

Please select below the additional module about which you wish to learn more, and discover all their features.

More on additional modules
ADDITIONAL MODULES – Advanced Legionella

Specific module on Legionella monitoring

Handle your Legionella contracts, and save money on management, follow-ups, and documentation on water quality

Thanks to the Advanced Legionella Monitoring module, you will generate specific contracts for this line of business, fill in data collections and operations tables, create risk reports and the Legionella logbook, and plan and send sample collections to the lab.

When you receive test results from the lab, you may enter them on the specific section for that matter.

Furthermore, you will have the possibility to customise objects of analysis and their groups, as well as different types of Legionella operations. All this work complies with the corresponding regulations.

Special Modules - Legionella - igeo ERP

Advanced Legionella monitoring services
on the Customer Portal

On the Customer Portal, they may enter all the details of the tasks assigned to your customers, depending on the planned periodicity. Therefore, when filling in that information, it will be automatically transferred to the Legionella logbook.

On the Customer Portal itself, they will have access to the Legionella logbook to upload all the documents needed.

ADDITIONAL MODULES – Business Intelligence

Obtain all data and statistics of your company

Analyse all the aspects of your business
to get the greatest profitability

Thanks to the Business Intelligence module, you will generate all kinds of reports and charts on sales, services, profitability, consumption, times, profits, and other relevant details of your company. This may be filtered according to different parameters, such as line of business, service, technician, customer, activity, etc.

The integration of the Business Intelligence module in iGEO will provide you with the freedom needed to obtain data and charts in order to analyse what happens around you and to detect strengths and weaknesses. Thus, you will optimise all the resources and processes of your business.

This module’s interactive dashboards are essential to analysing the course of the year and making predictions based on the parameters deemed necessary.

Additional Modules - Business Intelligence iGEO

Business Intelligence in the pest control sector

The pest control and environmental health sector is growing faster and faster, which forces us to get the tools needed to manage all the information around us.

In that sense, we would like you to think for a moment if you are able to remember the exact figures of your sales, used products, service profitability, etc. Of course not, that’s impossible!

That’s why we have included this Business Intelligence module, so that you have all this information available through a series of interactive dashboards that will provide you with charts and reports on your company’s situation.

ADDITIONAL MODULES – Electronic invoicing

Connect to the Administration directly on iGEO

Issue invoices electronically with iGEO
in one simple step

Manage all your invoices with the Administration directly on iGEO in a quick, easy way.

With a single click, issue and submit invoices electronically. This will generate the corresponding PDF file and send the information to the Administration directly on the app.

Additional Modules iGEO

Seize the control over your issued invoices

A complete list with all electronic invoices issued and submitted will always be available.


Specific module of HACCP

Manage all your contracts, services, documentation, tasks, and checklists
in a customised way

Thanks to our HACCP module, you will have access to all features needed to run and manage the processes of this line of business.

Given the wide array of scenarios that may arise regarding contracts and services, you will have the possibility to customise all customer tasks, checklists, HACCP logbooks, etc.

If you perform sample collections and submit them to the lab, you will also be able to manage them directly on iGEO, which will allow you to fully monitor these operations.

Moreover, your customer will have access to their customised calendar on their Customer Portal to view the tasks to be performed, which may be done on their private space.

Special Modules - Legionella - igeo ERP

Customise this module completely

In iGEO, you may customise all HACCP processes and services.

You will be able to create your own tasks for your customers to have access to a customised calendar and to complete the ones assigned to them on their Customer Portal.

In addition, you will have the option to customise the HACCP logbook and create different templates to be used depending on the customer, as well as the document sections.


The module to monitor your sample collections and tests

Monitor the whole process, since samples are collected until results come in

In case you own a lab, you will have the option to hire this module, where you may enter the results of the sample collections performed and analysed.

Thanks to the module’s comprehensive test list, you will be able to filter the results by status and find the desired ones quickly.

Additional Modules Laboratories iGEO

Get your test results

Once the analysed data is entered, a PDF file containing the test and the data noted will be available. Afterwards, you will have the possibility to obtain different kinds of charts, depending on the details filled in.

All this process will be carried out in direct connection to your customers thanks to the Customer Portal and to real-time updates.