All information available online

Nowadays, it is essential to provide all customers with their own customised space. This access will be in your hands, given it will be you who will create it, indicating the information and documents available to them.

Having a direct connection to each of your customer is the key to optimising the relationship between both parties.

That’s why all this documentation is automatically generated, which helps save a lot of time. You will even be able to upload specific, customised information to the private folders of each customer.

They will have the option to generate completely customised trend charts, which will allow them to analyse the evolution of control points, to compare the results to the previous year’s and to export those documents to a PDF or Excel file, if needed.

Portal Cliente iGEO - Tiempo Real

All documentation available

Service certificates, situation diagnoses, delivery notes, invoices, contracts, quotes, reports, etc.

Your customers will have access to trend charts and reports about their premises. They will even be able to view their blueprints and control points to know first-hand how inspections by your technicians went.

On their Customer Portal, they will be able to sign different types of documents, such as quotes, contracts, biocide alerts, service certificates, etc.

In addition, they may have the possibility to rate all the services performed in their premises, if you want. That will provide you with a quick feedback on your technicians’ work.

Forget about sending a list of the products used and their safety and registration sheets to your customers. All this information will be automatically available on their Customer Portal, right after technicians finish their job.

Alerts on the Customer Portal

Customers won’t need to send emails or make calls to the office any more. On the Customer Portal, they will be able to create different types of alerts in a matter of seconds, so that they are managed by your company.


Communication between both parties had never before been so fast and complete.

iGEO has a GIS system to track alerts and monitor the sewerage network or any other control points placed on a map from Google Maps.