iGEO ERP Cloud Platform

Why choose us?

1. COMMITMENT. Our commitment to the pest control and environmental health sector is complete. We work exclusively for it.

2. EXPERIENCE. The more than 800 companies working with iGEO, of all sizes and countries, have provided us with a great knowledge and experience about pest control and environmental health.

3. SPECIALISATION. Leave your company in the hands of a software specialised in pest control. Working with us means adapting to the sector’s constant changes. Forget about generic programmes or adaptations from other fields.

4. IMPLEMENTATION. Fear of change is the greatest hindrance to take the leap towards digitalisation or to use iGEO. That’s why we will assign a person to work exclusively with your company. You will only need to follow our steps for the implementation to be successful. We guarantee it.

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Our team, the IGEO family

iGEO’s origin, journey, and future

iGEO ERP started only with two people (its founding partners) more than seven years ago, with the purpose of meeting a dire need in the sector: creating a specialised software specific for pest control and environmental health companies.

With the support of many companies in the sector, we started to develop a pest control software with all the features they really needed, thanks to their feedback. 
Given iGEO’s great reception not only as the pest control’s most specialised programme, but also as a meeting point for companies, we are now another actor in the sector.

Our great relationship with the sector’s organisations, such as ANECPLA (Spanish National Organisation of Environmental Health Companies, by its Spanish acronym), our exclusive agreements with the main vendors (Killgerm, Mylva, ProControl, Ekommerce, Sanitrade, etc.), our collaboration with specialised platforms and portals like Higiene Ambiental, and other deals with different actors reward us all.

Currently, more than 60 employees make up the iGEO family, and are spread across Madrid, Bogota, and Mexico City.
This growth allows us to count on a team of great professionals in our different departments: development, sales, marketing, quality, projects, translation, and technical support to solve problems and help all our clients.

Moreover, our RDI department focuses on implementing new technology in the sector so that our clients work with the greatest features to maximise their profits.

We have been present for a couple of years in some European countries, mainly Italy and Portugal. When we started this journey, nobody knew where it would lead us, but our efforts and hard work have allowed us to grow so much that now we are undertaking new challenges and projects.

What differentiates us from other software products?


We are fully involved in the sector. We are members of each country's main organisations, and are in touch with administrations, vendors and training centres.


iGEO is hosted in one of the three big clouds: Google Cloud.


iGEO is developed with scalable programming languages, which allow us to grow unlimitedly. Our software does not use any frameworks restricting our scalability.


Our team is composed of professionals from the sector: technical managers, technicians, and sales representatives that have worked in pest control companies, too.


We assign an exclusive manager to each company that hires iGEO, and design a training plan to measure. We guarantee a successful implementation of our software.


We develop and devote all our company's resources (more than 40 people) to our software, which allows us to evolve constantly.


iGEO ERP, up to date

iGEO ERP is constantly updated to offer new features and adapt to the sector's needs at all times.

Our clients are our greatest asset. Therefore, some new features are explicitly requested by them.

We implement the latest technological innovations in our software, so that our clients get the highest efficiency.


Talent and work

Our work team is composed of multiple professionals specialised in their own department. For us, it is essential that the communication with our clients is addressed in a direct, appropriate manner by a qualified person. Hence, we count on technical mangers, environmental scientists, technicians, etc.

In iGEO, we consider the team to be a family, and we like making our clients feel part of it. That's why we all row in the same direction to provide the best service.


Business expansion

iGEO ERP Cloud Platform is developed and adapted to each country's legislation and standards.

We are present in Spain, all Latin America, Portugal, and Italy. Our expansion process keeps growing year after year.


Values and loyalty

iGEO's values are the foundation for the company's constant, sustained growth. Our great impact is not a coincidence, but the result of hours and years of full-time commitment to improving our software.

Therefore, our employees are the cornerstone for our project to keep developing and expanding at an international level.

We continue growing day by day

There is still a lot of work ahead, and new technologies are on the fast track. Our software is constantly growing and developing. Thanks to our great team, we perform monthly updates, which are mainly requested by companies in the sector.

Our growth has no limits. iGEO ERP Cloud Platform has been developed from scratch with the latest, most reliable technologies in the market.

iGEO is hosted in Google Cloud. This ensures that we have the latest technologies and that we are able to adapt to any other that may appear in the market.

Request the free demo and evaluate for yourself our ability to optimize your company

Our commitment to the pest control sector

Since the very beginning, we know that success resides in our commitment with all the actors in the sector: companies, organisations, manufacturers, distributors, final clients, etc. Hence, we are able to provide a solution for different daily problems.

Moreover, in iGEO we foster that companies reduce their carbon footprint and have more information to perform their services in the most eco-friendly way. We want to participate actively in the environment’s sustainable development.

iGEO ERP Cloud Platform